“As baby boomer women, it is not uncommon for us to feel stuck within an inner storm. Raging winds swirling inside blow us off course into a dry, barren land far away from our unrealized dreams. We find ourselves grieving for the pieces of our inner self that keep calling us to return home. Home to ourselves. Overwhelmed and afraid we yearn for the confidence to discover our true happiness and the meaning of real success. We ache for the knowing of our own Life Purpose” – Jennifer Shaw

Just ask, many will tell you they feel the same way. I’ve felt it in my own life and I have heard it now many, many times. It goes something like this:

There’s a hole in your life and your heart. Something is missing.
Maybe it’s a fresh hole…from something recent, something you can readily identify ~ divorce, job loss, retirement, an accident, the passing of a loved one or a pet, the loss of your home……

Maybe it’s an older hole that’s been there a while therefore the source is not as clear.  Sometimes it seems to fade away. You gather up the courage to begin something new, but before you know it, you are right back where you started from, stuck in the same old story all over again.
It’s frustrating and it can be overwhelming. You have wrestled and agonized over this so many times that you might be trying to convince yourself that this is just the way life is going to be.

These are some of the patterns of unfinished business that can occur with incomplete Grief.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Shaw, owner of Jennifer Shaw Coaching, Central KY Reiki Center and my newest and best work ~ GRIEF DANCING™. Since 2007, I have helped hundreds of people restore wholeness to their lives by successfully teaching them how to complete their unfinished business and move fluidly through grief.” Are you interested in learning skills that will  help you develop deeper wisdom and self confidence?  Are you finally ready to erase the fear that prevents you from fully living your life? Would you like to discover a new sense of joy you never thought possible? I am here to be of service.


Working with Jennifer has allowed me to finally recognize, heal, and complete the grief I had carried around for years. Before I never understood what was wrong or why I could never find happiness that seem to last. Jennifer was a beacon of light that was always shining on the path that lit the way for me as I discovered my true calling and found the confidence to move forward.Her coaching, healing work and classes allowed me to remember what it’s like to trust in myself and happily live life. Jennifers’ heart and wisdom are as big as all outdoors. I readily send anyone I know who is searching for the missing pieces in their life to her and they too obtain the same type of results.” – Janice A. King, Miami, Florida